What should I check on the proofs?

It’s essential that you check your proofs very carefully considering the following:

Dates, names, addresses, email and telephone numbers are correct where applicable.
Is the address spelt out in full?
3. Are the spelling and punctuation correct?
4. Are the colours correct?

Upon final approval of your personalised order, Julia Eastwood cannot accept returns due to any and all errors (such as misspelt words etc.) or requested changes to layout and colour. By approving your final proof, you accept responsibility for the information, layout, colours and size as shown. If errors are discovered after proof approval, we will be required to charge for reprints.

Can I see a printed proof of my invitations before you send them to print?

If you would prefer to be 100% sure that you are happy with your design before printing the whole order, you can order a printed proof at a cost of £10.00. Printed proofs add around 7 working days to the process. Metallic Foil printed proofs can be supplied at a cost of £45.00 and add around 10 working days to the process. Printed proofs of ‘on the day’ stationery are not currently available.

Will the colours be exactly the same as on my screen?

We make every effort to calibrate our screens with our in house printing press and colours will be reproduced as closely as possible to the original design whilst allowing for a slight difference in on screen colours (RGB) and print colours (CMYK). It is important to note that all computer and mobile screens are calibrated differently, and there can be minor differences between how colours view on home computers and mobile phones.

I have approved my proof. How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow 7 working days between signing off your proofs for print and dispatch. Your order may be sent earlier than the estimated dispatch date but this depends on the quantities, amount of hand finishing and current lead times. Once dispatched you will receive a notification email to let you know that your order is on its way to you.

I have received the proof but would like to make some changes. What should I do?

Please don’t ever worry about needing to make amendments, that’s what the proofing process is all about…we would much rather amend and your invites be perfect. Simply contact us detailing the amends, bullet pointed if possible and all in one email (it’s much easier for us to track this way) and we will return updated proofs to you within 2 working days.

How do I send my information?

Once you have placed your order with us, an email will be sent to you requesting you complete an online form providing the information we need to begin work. You will then be sent digital proofs within 3 working days of us receiving the form back from you.

General Information

Where are you based?

Our studio is situated in the incredible Croft Myl in Halifax, a little taste of Shoreditch right here in Yorkshire. Check out all of the amazing features of the mill here:

What are your studio open hours?

Monday 9.30am -2pm,

Tuesday 9.30am – 12pm

Wednesday 9.30am -5pm,

Thursday 9.30am -2pm,

Friday 9.30am -4.30pm

Unfortunately we are not able to accept studio visits at the current time.

Are you open all year?

The studio is open year round apart from the month of December when we close for new design development. We close for short holidays from time to time throughout the year - mostly around school holidays. To help with planning when to order your stationery here are the studio holiday closures for 2020:

October 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd

December 1st'20 to Jan 4th'21

When should I order my ‘on the day’ items (menus, table plans, place cards, etc.)?

In the height of wedding season the turnaround time for ‘on the day items’ is approximately 4 weeks to include design, proofing, amendments, printing, hand finishing and transit. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery of the items if approved for print less than 2 weeks before the wedding and refunds are not possible for orders not delivered on time in this case. Please see 'covid-19' section for guidance at the current time.

How many should I order?

For save the date cards and wedding invitations the general rule of thumb is 1 per household. For example for a wedding with 100 guests, 60 invites should be sufficient. 

For Orders of Service, we recommend 1 per person for a ceremony with hymns and 1 between 2 people for a ceremony without hymns.

Returns & Cancellations

I’ve made a mistake with my order. What should I do?

If you have made a mistake when ordering, please contact us as soon as possible.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel an order within 24 hours of ordering. After this time, we cannot cancel any orders as the design of your products will have begun.

Once items have been printed, what is your returns policy?

We cannot accept returns as our products are personalised for you.
If you are unhappy with your order for any reason please contact us and we will aim to remedy as soon as possible.


I like one of your collections, but the colour scheme doesn’t match my wedding theme! Can the colours be changed?

Yes, in most cases. Unfortunately, not all colours suit all collections so please get in touch to discuss your request prior to ordering.

I need my invitations in a language other than English – is this possible?

Yes, you can! We have recently created invites in Mandarin, Arabic, Polish and Lithuanian. All we ask is that you proof read extremely carefully, as to our shame we only speak English (with a sprinkle of GSCE French).

I would like a bespoke invitation suite. Is this something you can offer?

Unfortunately due to the volume of orders placed and time constraints we no longer offer a bespoke service.

The collection I love isn't in the format I would like...

Over the years we have developed the formats we offer invitations in. If for instance you loved the 'Whimsical Spring' collection but would like it as a 4 fold concertina that's no problem at us detailing the quantity you would like and where you would like them delivered and we will set up a custom order for you.

Can I change the fonts?

Of course, over the years we have changed the fonts used on our collections to move with trends - if you prefer a previous font just ask. We are also happy to change fonts to specific ones you may have in mind. Just please don't ask for comic sans; it's krypotonite to us designers!

I would like an envelope colour not listed, is this possible?

Yes absolutely! When designing each collection I select the envelope colours I think compliment best. However, we work with a great envelope merchant who is able to supply a vast array of colours - so please do contact us with your request and we will do our very best to make your wish come true! Sadly, the one exception to this rule, is that try as we may, we are unable to source the beautiful blush pink envelopes we supply with concertina envelopes in the larger flat invitation size.


We placed an order but now our wedding is postponed....

We understand this is an incredibly uncertain and stressful time for all planning a wedding. We are happy to keep all existing orders on hold as long as needed and will only print when you are confident with final details and numbers. Unfortunately once personalised artwork proofs have been supplied we can not offer refunds, however, we are happy to make amendments beyond the standard 3 rounds included in the price to ensure all details are up to date. We are also happy to adjust numbers of the final products you require to suit your needs.

We want to hold off printing until the last minute, is that possible?

Yes, you can! We totally understand the predicament you are in with government guidelines changing with short notice. Our advice is to order as early as possible (a minimum of 3 weeks before the big day) so that artwork can be created and approved....but we can hold off printing until 10 working days before your wedding to guarantee delivery.

We want to order wedding invites, but not sure how many we will need next year?

 This is completely understandable due to current restrictions and the future guidelines as yet unknown. If you would like to make a start on your wedding invitations but don't know how many you will need to print we have a 'design now print later' offer which requests a non-refundable deposit of £50.00. We will then create all artwork and proofs and only request the final balance due when approved for print and final numbers are known. Please contact us to set up your order.